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Having access to the right level of Assistive Technology can have a profound impact upon individuals following a life-chaging injury.  Tools which are useful for some people in the workplace can also make the difference between exclusion and independence.


C Baird Consultancy can provide detailed assessment reports to form part of your client's compensation claim following an injury.  We hold an entry in the Law Society of Scotland's Expert Witness Directory and are available for cases throughout Scotland.

What happens?

Each assessment takes between two and four hours to complete depending on the complexity of the case.  Assessments are carried out within the client's home regardless of location and aim to identify what level of Assistive Technology may be appropriate for their needs.  Following the assessment a detailed report will be created which will include assistive technology recommendations, equipment and training costs, projected annual costs and recommended suppliers.


Recommendations can cover technology aimed at facilitating a return to work (where applicable) as well as accommodating social and leisure requirements.

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