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Image of a road map showing three directions with the destination in each of them being 'learning'

Getting your hands on the right piece of equipment or software is only half the battle.  Without access to proper training, there is a big risk that software or hardware will not get used to its full potential.  The worst case scenario is that the frustration caused by not knowing how to use the technology results in it not being used at all.


With C Baird Consultancy, each and every training session is tailored to meet your requirements and learning style.  We cover a wide variety of assistive technology software and hardware as well as offering online learning as an approved Learning Labs reseller.

Training is available in products including:


  • Read & Write Gold

  • Claro Read

  • MindView

  • Inspiration

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking


  • Global AutoCorrect

  • Livescribe

  • Audio NoteTaker

  • Zoomtext Magnifier

  • Supernova Magnifier

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