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Neurodifference - common issues arising from home working and ways to manage their impact

DISCLAIMER: The information contained within this section of our website is only intended as guidance on temporary measures at a time of great need as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The advice should in no way be taken as being enough to ensure that you can continue in the longer term to work from home in a suitable or safe manner.  The same legislation that protects us in an office applies if we're working from home on a permanent or regular basis - but it may be a while before this kind of adjustment can happen. 


DSE assessments should be undertaken on at least a yearly basis with all employees and further assessment may be required if a basic DSE assessment identifies that the DSE user is at risk.  Please contact your employer's Health & Safety representative to ensure that this takes place.

We're in the process of adding some content to this page - please check back regularly for some advice on adjustments you can make to your home working environment to help you to work at your best.

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