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Temporary Adjustments to Help Make Your Home-Working Area Safer

As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, many of us are in a position where our homes have become our workplaces - at least for part of the time.  The problem with this is that our homes have generally not been designed with work in mind.  Although some of us may have workstations with a desk and computer chair, not everybody has the space to accommodate this.  Similarly, if you are in a position where more than one person needs to work at a time, the one desk and chair that you have isn't going to be enough to allow both people to work safely. 


We need to make some adjustments, but the standard DSE workstation assessments that our workplaces will undertake aren't going to be of much help in these times of need.  If we're in our offices or workplaces we expect our employers to put in place a chair, desk or monitor riser.  If you are in a position where you need to self-isolate or need to work from home suddenly as a result of Covid (or any other illness), it may be necessary to make some temporary changes to allow you to work as comfortably as possible in a less than ideal situation.

At this point we need to make it perfectly clear that the information contained within the following pages is only intended as a temporary measure at a time of great need - initially as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The advice should in no way be taken as being enough to ensure that you can continue in the longer term to work from home in a suitable and safe manner.  The same legislation that protects us in an office applies if we're working from home on a permanent or regular basis - but it may be a while before this kind of adjustment can happen.

The following pages contain advice and information on how to make some changes in your home with very little cost.  The aim is to help protect our workforce in the short term until more long term solutions can be put in place.

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